GPA Young Researcher Grant Application

Please complete the below fields to apply for the 2024 Young Researcher Grant awards. Criteria for applying is listed below:

  • Open to postdoctoral fellows or Ph.D. students (proof required)
  • First author must be younger than 40 years at the application deadline 
  • Paper must be original research; literature reviews or meta-analyses are not eligible
  • Paper must be published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Paper must be written in English (abstract and entire publication)
  • Paper must be published in 2023, either online or in print. Early access online is eligible.
  • First author must be affiliated with a recognized university or public sector organization at the time of publication
  • No shared first authorships permitted

Please contact with any questions.

Please list your academic institution and any other affiliations.
If it is not available as a PDF, please provide a link in the next section.
If your paper is not available as a PDF, please provide a link.