Increasing Public Awareness​

Prebiotics as a Category

The association mission can be expressed as:

“Increase public awareness about the production, quality and science of prebiotic products, expand manufacturer understanding of the solid science supporting both well-known and newfound benefits, and create needed transparency about product quality.”

Awareness-building fuels all our objectives and individual initiatives, from public outreach and education events to industry member notifications regarding breakthrough science and market news. The Global Prebiotic Association is, at heart, a communications and strategy liaison, interacting with and providing resources to six key groups:
  • Stakeholders – Equip manufacturers, brand holders, and retailers with insider news and guidance on ingredient quality and responsible marketing
  • Medical Community – Provide educational materials and events for physicians and condition-specific patient groups
  • Consumers – Offer educational resources through online and regional events
  • Academia – Cultivate new prebiotic research opportunities
  • Media – Become the leading information source for trade and popular media
  • Government & Regulatory Groups – Provide accurate up-to-date ingredient data and dosage insights
As a trade association, our membership is open to ingredient manufacturers, brand holders, retailers, and associate members including physicians and scientific journals. Our members commit to maintaining prebiotic product integrity and efficacy. We work together through education initiatives to build long-term demand.