The Global Prebiotic Association (GPA) Young Researcher Award honors a young scientific researcher (under 36 years old) as the first author of a research paper that has driven a remarkable advancement in the understanding of the science or impact of prebiotics. Topics can cover any aspect of prebiotic research including gut and other microbiomes. GPA defines a prebiotic as “A nutritional product and/or ingredient selectively utilized in the microbiome producing health benefits”.

Prize: $2,500 USD (first author only; no shared first authorships permitted) and a one year GPA Professional Membership.

The winner will also have the opportunity to showcase their research at upcoming conferences and events GPA is organizing or affiliated with.

  • Open to postdoctoral fellows or Ph.D. students (proof required)
  • First author must be younger than 36 years at the application deadline (DOB: February 1, 1985 or later)
  • Paper must be original research; literature reviews or meta-analyses are not eligible
  • Paper must be published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Paper must be written in English (abstract and entire publication)
  • Paper must be published in 2020, either online or in print. Early access online is eligible.
  • First author must be affiliated with a recognized university or public sector organization at the time of publication
  • No shared first authorships permitted

Applications will be judged by a panel of expert scientists from the prebiotic field, including GPA members and non-members.

Marking of entries will be based on five core competencies, with a total possible score of 100.

  • Scope: What is the context of the research? How well does the research address a real-world problem or health issue? (20)
  • Study design & methodology: How well has the study been designed and executed? Are best practices being used? (20)
  • Results & implications: How remarkable are the findings, and what is the impact of the study? Does the work advance the field or provide significant evidence for a specific health benefit of a prebiotic? (25)
  • Originality: Does the study have a particularly novel different approach, drive the use of prebiotics in a new way, or otherwise result in paradigm-shifts in the area of prebiotics? (25)
  • Commercial potential & applicability: Can the research be applied to commercial environments? Is the work done on commercial ingredients? Does it help solve a specific industry problem? (10)

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2021

Application: The application period has ended.  The winner will be announced in March 2021. Please email us if you’d like to be added to the notification list for the next grant period.