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The connection is clear. Prebiotics have a huge connection to and impact on metabolism, and in fact, the consumption of prebiotics is directly associated with healthier metabolic function. Metabolism itself refers to the many different chemical processes that occur in the body to sustain life and normal functioning, while metabolic ‘syndrome’ merges obesity, blood sugar management, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors such as inflammation into a multi-factorial ‘disorder’.

Emerging research indicates that the consumption of prebiotics impacts many of the systems involved with and markers of metabolic function. Join us for this interactive webinar with top experts in the field to explores a few areas of emerging science, discusses some of the gaps that continue to exist connecting this ingredient set and direct impact on metabolic disorder and syndrome and the opportunity to bridge that gap through ongoing research and product development in the nutra space.

* Len Monheit, Executive Director, Global Prebiotic Association (GPA)
* Olaf Larsen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Yakult Nederland B.V.
* Tiffany Weir, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
* Sara Campbell, Associate Professor, Director, Graduate Program in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, Rutgers University