Global Prebiotic Association Members Approve 5-Year Strategic Plan and Vision at Meeting During Vitafoods Europe

Today, the Global Prebiotic Association (GPA) announced that its 5-year strategic plan was approved by its Board and confirmed by membership. GPA’s vision is to be ‘the primary global voice of prebiotics in human, companion animal, infant nutrition, medical and functional foods, beverages and supplements, and topical applications’. GPA is the only global trade association focused on prebiotics and providing education, insights, and awareness building to drive category growth.

“Our trajectory over the past five years has validated our excitement about prebiotics,” said GPA Executive Director Len Monheit. “Our plan for the next five years is ambitious, and brings new challenges and opportunities as prebiotics take their place as one of the biggest ingredient opportunities to provide health and nutrition solutions.”

GPA’s five year plan includes adding a Scientific & Advisory Technical Board that will help ensure tracking of all important developments and tap into external expertise to complement member strengths. With the emergence of synbiotics, GPA will ensure clarity in messaging so that the role and potential of prebiotics is optimized. The organization will also expand its committees to include both Education and Membership complementing the work of its current committees – Science/Technical, Regulatory and Communications. GPA is also committed to the development of an EU-focused program and European representation across all committees. With current membership at 42 companies, GPA will grow that number to over 135 in the next five years while at the same time expanding its presence in LATAM, Asia, Europe and South America.

Monheit added “Thank you to the GPA Board for its faith in our direction and ambition and thank you to our members for their commitment and engagement.”