Global Prebiotic Association Adds Four New Members

Taiyo International, Southeastern Reduction Co., NutriScience Innovations join at Member Level;
Olyra Foods joins as Associate Member

CHICAGO, Illinois (March 06, 2024) — The Global Prebiotics Association (GPA), the only association formed to steward global growth of the prebiotic category, announced today that Taiyo International, Southeastern Reduction Co., NutriScience Innovations, and Olyra Foods have joined the organization. The goals of the association include: increase public awareness about the production, quality and science of prebiotic products, expand understanding of the solid science supporting both well-known and newfound benefits, and create needed transparency about their interaction with the microbiome.

“This group of companies truly represents the start of a next wave for GPA,” said GPA Executive Director Len Monheit. “By adding these organizations, we add another emerging brand, a huge multinational supplier, a company we’ve literally watched and chatted with for 5 years and other huge propositions. It’s rewarding to reach this stage of both credibility and maturity.”

“We envision a planet where the digestive microbiome in humans and animals is championed by plant-based antioxidant fiber,” said Vice President of Southeastern Reduction John Nizio. “GPA is a community where our passion for ‘change the world’ ingredients can be shared with other ‘change the world’ leaders for mutual benefit during this journey.”

Introducing the new GPA members:

  • Taiyo International: Taiyo International is the North American subsidiary of Taiyo Kagaku Corporation, a global leader in delivering beneficial foods and ingredients since 1946. Taiyo manufactures more than 2,000 best-in-class, highly functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries, at manufacturing facilities around the world.
  • Southeastern Reduction Co.: Family owned and located in the heart of the largest pecan growing state, this division was formed in 1946 to process the unique fiber surrounding the pecan meats. The company is made up of innovators who delight in discovering value in natural ingredients that needs to be unveiled.
  • NutriScience: As a leading global ingredient developer and supplier, NutriScience offers innovative ingredients based on science and efficacy. Their high-quality ingredients are used in the Dietary Supplement/Nutraceutical, Functional Food & Beverage, Animal Health and Personal Care industries.
  • Olyra Foods: Meaning “Spelt” in Ancient Greek, Olyra draws inspiration from the balanced lifestyle of our Greek ancestors to create organic, healthful, deliciously authentic breakfast snacks. Their grains are locally sourced, naturally milled, and crafted in Greece — a process maximizing nutrients to provide sustained energy.


About the Global Prebiotic Association

The Global Prebiotic Association is comprised of scientifically-validated prebiotic ingredient manufacturers, brand holders, retailers and service companies. The association is focused on the education and awareness building of prebiotics. For more information on prebiotics and the Global Prebiotic Association, please visit